Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday Message For Dad

9 December 2011 (57 years old)

I'm so grateful that I have u as a dad
Thanks for always believing in me
Thanks for all the support that u have given to me
Happy birthday to my favourite daddy
Thank u for being a kind and caring Father
I love u dad

Happy birthday to my hero
When I grow up, i want to be just like u
I'm so glad that Allah gave me a father like u
Its truly a blessing to have u as a father

Happy birthday dad,
u are the best dad in the world..

dad, please wake up..look at to me..hear me..i want u hear that i want to wish birthday to u..

"semoga paduka ayahanda cepat sembuh..sama2 kita doakan.."


zOeY zAu YaH said...

sedihnya...berdoa byk2 insyaallah semuanya baik2 saja..semoga beliau kembali sembuh amin..

H Y D E said...

cik Nora Aniza... air mata lelaki saya tiba tiba bergenang.

saya doakan beliau kembali sembuh seperti sediakala~

Nora_Aniza said...

terima kasih...